Trinity Amps offers players an economical Do-It-Yourself way to build you own Trinity Amp. Our Kits include our excellent Heyboer Transformer sets and tubes are included where noted for each kit.

With supply chain issues behind us, we will start with the high demand kits and limit to small batch builds.  More models, services, and retail components will follow.

As of March ’24 a limited quantity of kits are available to those on a waitlist. Additional chassis are expected for June delivery. Email for details

Just to let you know, nothing was more satisfying than having my amp power up and work perfectly the first time! Quiet, no hums or crackles, and nice and very sweet sounding with my strat plugged in. Thanks a bunch for the kit. I'm super stoked about my TC15. Very satisfied customer!

Warren, Winnipeg, Canada (Trinity TC15 Kit)

What differentiates our kits from others is:

  • Excellent support
  • Superior part quality and fit
  • Extensive and detailed build documentation

These are high quality DIY kits using the same parts that we use on our amp builds.

We have had many first-time builder successes but we do recommend that you be familiar with high voltage tube amp construction, safety and troubleshooting and be able to read schematics, layouts and posses solder skills in order to assemble any kit.



Trinity OSD Kit – Sold Out – Feb. shipping

$868 USD

After many inquiries about an Overdrive Special Design kit, we re-designed our OSD into a builder friendly package that meets out stringent support requirements.


Trinity Tweed Kit

$660 USD

The Tweed produces about 15 watts into 8 Ohms using two 6V6 output tubes (not included) and uses a replica Fender #108 4, 8 ohm design Output transformer built by Heyboer. A redesigned 5E3 layout helps reduce hum and noise.


Trinity Trip Top Kit – Sold Out – Feb. shipping

$868 USD

Finally, an Ampeg B15 Kit!! Based on several years of vintage Ampeg B15 designs, the Trip Top combines the original circuits of both the Ampeg B-15NC (1964, tonestack after volume) as well as the later B-15NF (1965-67, tonestack before volume).


Voltage Regulation Module (VRM)

$56 USD

The VRM (Voltage Regulation Module) is designed to control the power level of your Cathode Biased amp while retaining the tone. The 1" sq. board should fit anywhere in your Trinity Amp with three simple connections. Replace the power switch in your amp using the "switched" control pot.

Tube Fx Loop Board

Tube Effects Loop

$118 USD

Two Models available. including the World's 1st sub-miniature vacuum tube Dumbleator style Fx loop. This series Fx Loop utilizes a 6N17B sub-miniature military-grade, vacuum tube. Virtually silent with zero-loss and true-bypass. Incorporates Dumble style frequency specific feedback on the return gain stage resulting in lower distortion and more transparent sound. Can be fitted to any guitar tube amplifier.

Trinity Project Boards

$30 USD

We offer our Trinity built boards for your DIY project. These are the same boards we use in our completed amplifiers. These boards use turrets.