Every cabinet is a custom, one-off build. We offer them primarily for our Kit Customers starting from just $250 for a finished head cabinet. These are perfect for the builder who wants to build their own amp and finish it off with a professional looking cabinet.

Prices include choice of:

  • Tolex Colours and Textures
  • Piping and Bead Colours
  • Handle Styles and Colours
  • Vent Grill Colours
  • Metal Corners
  • Grill Cloth


When customers inquire about Trinity custom cabinets, they may ask for special sizes, Tolex textures, colors, specific hardwoods, metal corners, special piping, grill cloth, handles etc. We are able to accommodate most requests.  Click any Inquire button on a cabinet page to address your request.

Due to current demand, we are not taking custom cabinet orders until Jan. ’18. You can use the Contact button below to RSVP a cabinet.



Marshall Style Cabinets

$250 USD

All of our Marshall-style cabinets start with Black Levant tolex, gold piping and gold beading along with gold hardware. This can be customized to suit any specific needs.


Triwatt / Hiwatt Style Cabinets

$265 USD

All of our Triwatt / Hiwatt style cabinets start with Hiwatt/Vox style tolex, white piping and beading along with nickle hardware and can be customized to suit any additional needs.


Trinity Style Cabinets

$250 USD

All of our Trinity-style cabinets are custom made to be paired with our amplifiers, each perfectly suited to match the look, feel and sound, not only of Trinity amplifiers but also of the classic amplifiers which have inspired our designs.


Custom Cabinets

$260 USD

Our custom cabinets are prime examples of Trinity Amp's signature exceptional quality standards and are built to your meet your individual needs and to your specifications.