Voltage Regulation Module (VRM)


The VRM (Voltage Regulation Module) –  is designed to control the power level of your Cathode Biased amp while retaining the tone. The 1″ sq. board should fit anywhere in your Trinity Amp with three simple connections. Replace the power switch in your amp using the “switched” control pot.

Kit includes all parts, PCB, hardware, switched control pot and 2 DC blocking caps.


G. Floyd, Chief Instructor, The London College of Contemporary Music, London, ON, Canada – Your VRM kit worked perfectly!

It controls the power of the amp exactly as your website claimed and how I had hoped it would. Using the VRM to bring down the power of the amp lets me get some nice chewy overdrive or cranked British tones at reasonable volume levels. Love it!
I would definitely recommend the VRM to anyone looking to tame their tube amp, or perhaps just make it more versatile.

Steve in Vancouver

Before purchasing, I compared your VRM to a competitor’s more costly one. I purchased your VRM kit, assembled it, installed it in my Champ clone. It works excellently. I can get a nice little growl happening without annoying the neighbours. Thanks

Pricing Options

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VRM (Voltage Regulation Module) Purchase With Kit
$42 USD
Voltage Regulation Module with kit purchase.
VRM (Voltage Regulation Module) Sold Separately
$47 USD
Voltage Regulation Module without kit purchase.

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