We’re called Trinity Amps because our company was started by a team of three spanning three generations. It was started in the third month of the third year of the new millennium by Stephen (Father), Andrew (Son) and Glen (Grandfather “Holy Ghost of Tubes”).

Stephen (the Father) began by building basic speakers and amps from “scratch” in the early 70’s eventually building spectrum analyzers, high power MosFet amps , Pre Amps and Active Filters. He etched circuit boards, fabricated chassis and built cabinets. His designs for speakers included infinite baffle, transmission line and bi-amped with sub-woofers long before they were popular. He actively runs the company with local contract help.

Andrew (the Son) became an accomplished guitar player whose heroes include Hendrix, Page and Clapton. With a trained, keen sense for sound and quality, his role in the original start-up was to finish cabinets and test amplifiers. Andrew is now an Urban Planner working in Toronto, Ontario.

Glen (the Holy Ghost of Tubes) learned about tubes in the 40’s and 50’s. He serviced radios and televisions for years and became an avid HAM radio operator. He built HAM radio transmitters, antennae, and test equipment. His stash of NOS tubes were used in our early amplifier projects. Even at 92, Glen was consulting on electronic design and fabrication and his shop is now part of the Trinity Amps facility. Glen passed away at the age of 94.

We’re happy to share our story with you in the following Guitar Picks Video.

We would like to acknowledge the assistance, input and support we have received from the following people who have helped us “along the road.”

Lawrence Bethune – Sound Clips – Canada
Brent Bodrug – Canada
Bruce Madole – Canada
Chris Ouellette – Canada
Chris Moir – Canada
David Harris – USA
Edward Adlers – Web Design – Toronto, Canada
James Hedeman – Canada
Jim (House of Jim) – Canada
Jim Wightman – USA
John Irvine – USA
John Patton – Web Site Support – Canada
Kirk Fergusson – Marketing – Canada
Marco Ooijer – Netherlands
Martin Newall – Design – Canada
Chris Winsemius – Netherlands
Nik Azam – Malaysia
Phil Rowley – Canada
Philip Morrison – USA
Rich Heslip – USA
Rick Stevenson – Australia
Ross Hughes – USA

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