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Hand-built, point-to-point, vacuum tube guitar amplifiers
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Trinity Amps sells vacuum tube guitar amplifier kits and builds them, point-to-point, offering them for sale at musician friendly prices. They are played by over 2500 musicians in over 44 countries and on every continent!

Throughout the global pandemic, Trinity Amps navigated various issues and shortages to maintain production and, in 2022, eventually reached a point where we could no longer ship products.  We are pleased to announce we have weathered these uncertain times; that supply chain and staffing issues have been resolved and we are ramping up the business.

We have a multi-phase plan in place.  Initially we will reduce our catalog to the highest demand products, starting with kits only, and be limited to small batch builds.  Then we will re-introduce more models, services, and retail components as demand dictates.

 Phase 1 will kick-off with the Tweed, Trip Top, OSD, Tube FX loop and Voltage Regulation Module kits; targeting first shipments in January 2023.

 Phase 2 will be the addition of the 18 watt models, TC15, Tramp, Tri Watt kits, adding cabinets and retail of selected components.  Timing will be based on demand.

 There has been a shuffling of skills and job roles. Trinity Amps founder, Stephen Cohrs will be focusing on design and manufacture consulting.  Craig Williams has come on board to direct the daily business operations, marketing and business plan into the future.

We want to thank our loyal tone enthusiasts.

Thank you and the rest of the team there at Trinity! Well done.
After playing harp through the Trinity I realize this is going to change my playing style and with almost 50 years of harp playing that was no small feat.

John A., Shoreline, WA, USA (Trinity Triton Amp)