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Hand-built, point-to-point, vacuum tube guitar amplifiers
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Trinity Amps Inc. custom builds, point-to-point, vacuum tube guitar amplifiers and offers them for sale at reasonable prices. They are played by over 2000 musicians in over 44 countries and on every continent!

Our hand built amps have been enjoyed by some very notable musicians. We received credit on the Tragically Hip’s “World Container” and “We Are the Same” CD’s and we were honourably mentioned in Billy Gibbons book Rock & Roll Gearhead and in Tone Quest magazine. The HiFi Channel featured Trinity Amps in an episode of HD Guitar Picks hosted by Kim Mitchell. We were the first Canadian distributor of Tone Tubby loudspeakers (used by Gibbons, Clapton, Santana, Trucks and more) and have sold them to musicians like Myles Goodwyn, from April Wine. Our custom built cabinets have been used by Prince and Donna Grantis.

Stephen built me an Overdrive Special Design head and custom Sidewinder Cabinet loaded with 212 Tone Tubby 'Bomb' I had been searching for the holy grail of tone and found it. I cannot say enough about the amp. It really cuts on everything. The clean channel is superb and the amp bristles with clarity and tone. It is a loud 22 watts. I use Les Paul's and the OSD really brings out the great tone. The band really appreciates the Sidewinder cab because the side openings lets my sound project across the stage and everyone can hear me crystal clear. The two channels and preamp controls and balance give the perfect crunch, cleans and downright dirty when necessary. The effects loop works perfectly and the amp runs dead quiet.
All round great amp!

John Dorsch - Smiths Falls, Ontario (Trinity OSD)

Since 2004, Trinity Amps has sold to musicians spanning the globe. Why? Because Trinity Amps delivers Exceptional Value to musicians.

  • Maximum Tone
  • Personal Service
  • Affordability
  • Quality Components
  • Post Sales Support
  • Fine Canadian Workmanship
  • Superior Product Documentation
  • Local, Canadian and US Suppliers

We know that not everyone can afford a custom, hand-built amp, even at our prices, it is for this reason that we also offer a complete line of amplifier kits and custom made cabinets.