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Our TC15, Tramp, OSD, Triton  amps can be housed in their own custom cabinets.  A classic looking  TC15 head or racy Tramp two-tone 110 Combo. Be creative!

Tweed cabinets are built to Vintage Fender specs and lacquered with tinted lacquer for that aged look. Seams are matched closely as they were back in the day. They can also be tolexed to your preference.

These are perfect for the DIY builder who wants to build their own amp but finish it off with a professional looking cabinet.


  • TOLEX: Baby Blue Levant,Black: 1) Levant, 2) Elephant, 3) Panama/Vox/Hiwatt style/ 4) Nubex/rough/DrZ style, 5) Taurus (Buggy Whip) smooth Mesa Style,Blonde: 1) Fender Rough Blonde and 2) Smooth levant Blonde,Brown: Fender Rough Brown,Gator patern, dark brownGator patern, dark brown,Green Marshall Jade (dark),Ivory/ Off white Levant,Navy Blue Levant,Orange: 1) Panama 2) Rough,Purple Levant (Marshall style),Red Levant,Regent Blue Levant,Silver Levant (Marshall Jubilee),Snake Skin (Python) Grey/black,Tweed, Fabric Tinted and lacquered,Vox Fawn,Western: tooled Brown and Black,White Bright Levant and panama,Wine Red (Burgundy) Taurus (Buggy Whip) Levant (Chardonay),Slate Gray Bronco Tolex,
  • PIPING: White,Black,Silver,Gold,Green
  • BEADING STRING: Gold,White,Black,Gold
  • HANDLE: Black Strap / Chrome ends HIWATT,Black Strap / Gold ends Marshall,Brown leather / chrome Fender Tweed, Black Dog Bone Leather style Matchless, Ampeg
  • VENT GRILL: White,Black,Gold,Silver,
  • CORNERS: Chrome 2 leg notched, Black 2 leg notched
  • GRILL CLOTH: Fender Style:,Black, Oxblood with gold stripe (1950’s tweed style), Oxblood, early 1960’s Fender style solid colour, Silver: 1) Blackface  2) Aged Blackface, Silverface silver/turqoisë (1969 Fender style), Wheat/Tan, mid 1960’s Fender style with light brown stripe. Marshall Style: Basket weave (Tan cane weave), Brown and Tan (same as JTM60 grill), Large Check, Pinstripe, Salt and Pepper. Vox Style: Brown Diamond, Black Diamond. Others: Ampeg dark blue/grey,Black & Tan w/ Gold sparkle (Mojotone),Jute Mesa style,Silver Matrix (Mojotone)


When customers inquire about Trinity custom cabinets, they may ask for special Tolex colors, textures, metal corners, special piping, grill cloth, handles etc. We are able to accommodate most requests. Note that we are no longer building Extension Cabinets.

Fliptops (USA) is now building a TripTop Double Baffle Cabinet that is faithful to the 60’s Ampeg Portaflex design. It includes an Eminence Beta 15A speaker and a custom tray which mounts to the lid via 6 shock mounts. It comes with the tilt back leg system.
You can get a custom cart and cover as well. Contact Bruce Michielli – Fliptops Trip Top Cabinet

For our Cabinet Information just click Inquire.


  • Uses 1/2″ or 5/8″ Baltic birch multi-layer plywood
  • Tweed cabinets and Tramp Combo Cabinets use 3/4″ Pine
  • Finger or dovetail joints for extremely strong construction.
  • Choice of finish and hardware
  • All mounting hardware for speakers
  • Rubber feet, Vent mesh where required

Pricing Options

OSD Head Cabinet
$330 USD
With Aluminum Trim Bar, Tolex Front
OSD 112 Combo Cabinet
$445 USD
TC15 head cabinet
$300 USD
Tramp style Tolex 110 pine combo cabinet
$382 USD


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