Trinity Tweed Style Cabinets


Our Tweed, Tramp, and Triton  amps can be housed in their own custom Tweed cabinets.  A classic looking  Fender , tweed era cabinet built to Vintage Fender specs and lacquered with tinted lacquer for that aged look. Seams are matched closely as they were back in the day. They can also be tolexed to your preference.

These are perfect for the DIY builder who wants to build their own amp but finish it off with a professional looking cabinet.


  • Tolex: Tweed
  • Handle: Leather Fender Tweed brown or Black, Flat leather handle
  • Grill Cloth: Oxblood


  • Tweed cabinets use Local Ontario, Canada 3/4″ Pine
  • Finger joints for extremely strong construction.
  • Choice of finish and hardware
  • All mounting hardware for speakers


Pricing Options

Tweed Deluxe style 112 Cabinet
$350 USD
3 Coats of Lacquer
Tweed Triton TV Front 8" cabinet
$340 USD
3 Coats of Lacquer
Tramp 110 Cabinet
$350 USD
3 Coats of Lacquer