Ross Neilsen, Elemental


Gear Notes

Ross Neilsen had a project concept and gathered some of the best players in Canada and headed to Almonte, Ontario to record Elemental
There was:

  • Ross Neilsen, Ross Neilsen Music
  • Steve Marriner, Monkey Junk
  • Jim Bowskill, Sheepdogs
  • Darcy Yate, Bahamas
  • Matt Sobb, Monkey Junk
  • And the album was produced by Steve Marriner

ROSS assembled some of the best amp gear available – Trinity Amps. Ross owns 2 pieces – a Tramp 10″ combo with 6L6 and an OSD head (Overdrive Special Design). For this album he added a Trinity Amps Tweed with Tone Tubby Chicago Blue and a Trip Top Bass amp with a 15″ Portaflex cabinet.

He was kind enough to add some notes so that we could share the excellent tones this band put together for the Elemental CD.

We strongly encourage you get a copy of this CD. We guarantee you will fully enjoy it! Pick it up on Bandcamp, iTunes, CD Baby or Ross Neilsen’s Website.

Trinity Amps Gear

Ross’ gigging amp with a 10″ Alnico Jensen Blackbird with a single ended 6L6 power tube.

Ross’ big gigging amp head. Overdrive type circuitry with 2 – 6V6 power tubes.

Trip Top Bass Amp
One amp with four vintage Ampeg B15s paired with 15” Trinity Portaflex cab.

Fender 5E3 circuitry with power control. Using a Tone Tubby 12” Chicago Blue.

Track, Amp Gear Commentary

1. Elemental: Trinity Amps Trip Top Bass amp only.

2. Black coffee: Ross is playing the Trinity Amps Tramp. Steve Marriner’s harp is going through the Trinity Amps Tweed with Tone Tubby Alnico Chicago Blue

3. Woman’s name. My acoustic is going through the Trinity Amps Tramp*. Steve Marriner’s baritone guitar is through the Trinity Amps Tweed. Jim Bowskill was probably in his amp.

4. Devil Made Me: Solo is through the Trinity Amps ODS. Steve Marriner’s rhythm is through the Trinity Amps Tweed. Ross’ 12-String is through the Trinity Amps Tweed (or Tramp. can’t recall exactly).

5. Ash Fault: Acoustic through the Trinity Amps Tramp*

6. City of Regret: Trinity Amps Trip Top Bass amp.

7. Nobody gets lonely: Steve’s baritone guitar is through the Trinity Amps Tweed. Jim Bowskill’s phase guitar (may be) in the Trinity Amps Tweed too. Not 100% sure.

8. The Race: Jim Bowskill in the Trinity Amps Tweed I believe.

9. The Arrow: Jim Bowskill’s Rhythm guitar in the Trinity Amps Tweed (I think).

10. Ballad in Low E: Willie P. Bennett tune. Steve Marriner’s rhythm guitar was in the Trinity Amps Tramp I think…”possibly” the Tweed. Darcy Yates on the Trinity Amps Trip Top Bass rig of course. Not sure about Jim, he may have been in the Trinity Amps Tweed.

11: Step in to the light: Steve Marriner in the Tweed

*Where Ross says acoustic in the Tweed it’s a blend of tweed, mic and DI.