12″ Tone Tubby Alnico


The Flagship Tone Tubby Alnico 12 offers an amazing range of tone, in the guitar frequency range. More overall lows, mids and highs, with NO “cone cry” or “ice pick highs”. A smooth and warm tone, with a mid-range airiness and fat, silky and thick overdrive without any harsh high end and no “farting out” like other low-wattage Alnico speakers. In a recommended open back cabinet, the mid-range airiness provides the most 3-dimensional tone, when compared to the other speakers.


Nominal Diameter 12″
Impedance 8-Ohm
Power Rating 50-watts
Rated Frequency Response  
Magnet Weight & Type 32-oz AlNiCo
Sensitivity 97.3dB
Cone Type H1E Hempcone
Voice Coil Diameter 1-3/4″
Depth 6-1/2″ (With Bell Cover)
  6-1/32″ (WithOUT Bell Cover)
Total Weight 7.7 Lbs – 3.5 Kg

Driver Properties

Name: TT12-01
Type: Standard one-way driver
Fs = 80 Hz
Qms = 7.917
Vas = 1.667 cu.ft
Cms = 0.0205 in/lb
Mms = 1.19 oz
Rms = 4.723 lb/s
Xmax = 0.146 in
Xmech = 0.219 in
P-Dia = 10.25 in
Sd = 82.52 sq.in
P-Vd = 0.00697 cu.ft
Qes = 0.57
Re = 6.6 ohms
Le = 2.2 mH
Z = 7.92 ohms
BL = 3.151 lb/A
Qts = 0.532
no = 4.091 %
1-W SPL = 98.27 dB
2.83-V SPL = 99.1 dB

Pricing Options

Tone Tubby AlNiCo 12, 12", 8-Ohm, 16-Ohm, H1E Hempcone, 50-watts
$335 USD


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