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Trinity Amps now offers a new amp based on the classic design originally pioneered by HIWATT. The TRIWATT has a preamp inspired by the early "4 Hole" amps, and by Pink Floyd legend, David Gilmour's "3 Hole" version which had two bright channels inputs and a third linking the two. The TRIWATT has that classic HIWATT sound, reminicient of Pete Townsend and David Gilmour.

Key points about the Design:

  • Big Hiwatt DR clean tones and breakup at more ear-friendly levels
  • Vintage style early '70s 103 preamp (with cathode-follower)
  • Three-inputs - Normal, Bright and Link, like Dave Gilmour's 3-input amps
  • Switchable 80s' "Biacrown era" high-gain OL/Lead mode, with Overdrive control
  • Early Hiwatt style 12AT7 phase invertor, with 12AX7 option for increased drive
  • Solid State rectified, fixed-bias, 22 Watt 6V6 power stage, based closely on Hiwatt original
  • Switchable 6V6 or KT66 operation with External Bias Control and Test Points
  • Transformers closely based on original Hiwatt Partridge transformers for definitive tone.
  • Compact physical format and cabinet

The amplifier is a dual channel design and straight-forward amplifier with a built in "channel jumping" Link input. It has an all-tube signal path design with a solid-state rectifier. Fixed bias operation is utilized for the output stage. This amp uses a pair of 6V6's in a push-pull configuration  using "negative feedback".

The dual channel preamp with its variety of tone controls is coupled to a 6V6 or KT-66 capable power section. The tone controls allow the player to attain an excellent array of complex tones.  If you’re looking for classic mid 70's HIWATT sound at more ear friendly volumes, then this is the amp for you!

Priced at $1595 US

Product Overview and Specs
How Does it Sound?

Trinity TC15  (Matchless Derivitive)
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Trinity Tweed  (FenderTweed Deluxe based)
Trinity Tramp  (Trinity Custom)
Trinity OSD  (Dumble based)
Trinity Trip Top  (Ampeg B-15 based)
Trinity TriFly  (Trinity Custom)

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