Trinity Triton Kit


This sweet little 5 watt, Single-Ended 6SJ7/6V6 pentode amp is based on the earliest 50s Fender Champs and Gibsons and produces a warm, growly, Chicago Blues tone in a grab-and-go package. This design incorporates a Tone Control which can be bypassed as desired so it is perfect for small gigs and recording. With an optional the 6L6 switched in, it can easily handle larger venues.

It is Excellent with Guitars and Harps and takes pedals well. It goes from sparkling clean to brown and creamy distortion. Incredible sensitivity to attack, very nice distortion when you turn it up or use the Hi input jack. With the 6L6 option that the originals didn’t offer, it can seriously bark in the larger venues!

Harpdog Brown, 3-Time Maple Blues Harp player of the year, uses his all the time.

True to the era, all octal tubes were used in this Single Channel amp. The circuit is extraordinarily simple, using one New Old Stock (NOS) 6SJ7 pentode in the preamplifier section to provide a single stage of voltage amplification, one 6V6 beam power pentode in the power amplifier section, a 5Y3 tube rectifier tube and a single volume knob with useful tone control which can be bypassed
We added a bias switch so players can use a 6L6 and also a 4/8 ohm output switch and two output jacks used in conjunction with our custom made Heyboer output transformer. Total versatility.


What differentiates our kits from others is part quality, fit, documentation and support. Included is all components required to make a working amp including: NOS 6SJ7 Pentode pre-amp tube, JJ 6V6GT power tube and 5Y3 rectifier); Orange Drop andMallory caps; CARBON FILM & CARBON COMPOSITION resistors; SWITCHCRAFT jacks, ALPHA and BOURNS pots; BELTON Micalex tube sockets & tube retainers; 1/8″ thick GP03 eyelet Board; Carling DPDT impedance and power tube selection switch; 22 gauge hook-up & pre-twisted heater wire; BELDEN Co-Ax cable; All Mounting hardware, spacers and nuts; MIRROR finish Stainless Steel chassis with white lettering on Front & Rear ; Chicken head control knobs; Chassis has tapped holes for tube mounting screws; Assembly guide; large 11″ X 17″ size colour layout and schematic drawings and REAL Support.

Also included is our custom made Output Transformer made by Heyboer to our exact specifications. A massive 15 watt Single Ended output transformer with dual primary windings (5K and 2.5K) to support all Octal power tubes. The robust designed power transformer is built by Magnetic Components in the USA with dual primary (120V / 240V 50/60 Hz) & secondary voltage support.

Power / Volume control – Rotary ON-OFF switch with Volume control incorporated. Actions: Off – On. Turning the control effects the volume level of the amp.

Tone control – Used to adjust the tone to guitar and room dynamics, it incorporates a push/pull bypass switch for those who want raw tone!


Love the Little Triton! Kaz Jarosinki, BC, Canada

Thank You Stephen for the wonderful kit. I have to admit that it was also the hardest to build. Think sailboat in a bottle lol. Used my needle nose pliers a lot. But what a great sound and oh how quiet even with p90’s. Loves all the pedals and various pickups (humbuckers, single coil). The cabinet is out of this world. Thank You very much, I really enjoy playing this little beast.

Triton Kit by George C., Toronto, Canada

I Just wanted to say that my amp kit is all together, and it sound incredible. Beyond all expectations.
Thanks for creating such a well designed, quality kit. It was fun to assemble, and the instructions were easy to follow even for someone like myself with very limited experience working on electronics. Once the soldering was complete, and I did a final run down of the checklist, I turned it on and it was ready to go.


  • Channels: 1
  • Controls Ch.1: Volume – On/Off, Tone with bypass
  • Power output: 5 Watts 6V6; 10 Watts 6L6
  • Preamp Tubes: 1 – NOS (New Old Stock) 6SJ7
  • Power Tubes: 1 – 6V6 Class A (6L6 Optional)
  • Rectifier: 5Y3
  • Tube set included in kit
  • Bias: Cathode. Switchable 6V6 or 6L6
  • Choke: no
  • Outputs: 2
  • Speaker Output: 4, 8 switched (16 optional)

Audio Samples

Video Samples

Kit Build 6V6 Power

Here is the 6V6 power tube video. I tried to get some more distortion sounds. the 335 clip at the end is really overdriving. - J. Quick

Kit Build 6L6 Power

Here is my first attempt at making a little demo video of the amp I built. - J. Quick

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Triton Kit
$368 USD
Triton kit includes tubes and all components except speaker and cabinet.
Triton 1-8 Cabinet
$340 USD
Triton TV Front 1-8 Lacquered Tweed Combo cab.
8 in. Speaker
$120 USD
Tone Tubby Humboldt Alnico 8 in. speaker

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