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The Tramp is a special design that incorporates extreme, useful flexibility with distinct amp voices and plenty of features. With a simple pull of a switch, you can go from Tweed to ‘Tude; another pull switch and you can play Fat or Thin. Using the Volume, Master Volume and Power Level controls along with Bass and Treble, achieves tonal nirvana! The design supports 6V6, 6L6, KT66, EL34, 6CA7 and KT88 power tubes so you can swap the single power tube for added gigging volume and headroom. Power output is approximately 6W with a 6V6, or 12W with the bigger tubes. It is available in typical combo or optional head format.

The Tramp is effectively two amps in one, which you can alternate between with the simple pull of a switch. It was intended to cover all the bases from Clean to Dirty, and all the possible shades in-between – and it delivers an amazing tonal range in doing so. In Tweed mode, it’s heritage is 5x series Tweed Princeton or Champ, with the additional benefit of Treble-Bass tone controls. Tweed is smooth and creamy with a welcome warmth, vintage voice but with a little more solidity and clarity. It is full of soul and you can really hear the Fender heritage. In Tweed mode, the Volume control is usable through it’s entire travel – gorgeous cleans around 5/6 on the dial, slight break-up around 7/8, and an amazing humming drive at 9/10. Everything you want in the classic Tweed amp spectrum, from clean to dirty, is right here.

In ‘Tude mode, the Tramp exceeds what you could traditionally achieve with the simple two-tube amp format. The sound opens up with an astonishing clarity and extended range of clean and distorted sounds. ‘Tude glows with all of its harmonic content, and grinds when the guitar gets wound up. Harmonic haze’ is what it’s all about in the clean parts of ‘Tude – gorgeous! Just a little hair on the tone for presence with all these overtones swirling around it and a nice solid foundation. Cranked up, it’s complex, raw and edgy but still under control, and smooth but in an aggressive way – there’s tone right to the top.


What differentiates our kits from others is part quality, fit, documentation and support. Included is all components required to make a working amp:; JJ tubes (12AX7, 6V6GT); Mallory or ETR caps; CARBON FILM resistors; CLIFF and SWITCHCRAFT jacks, ALPHA and BOURNS pots; BELTON Micalex tube sockets; tube retainers & shields; 1/8″ thick GP03 eyelet Board; LORLIN impedance switch; 22 gauge hook-up Wire; pre-twisted heater wire; BELDEN Co-Ax cable; All Mounting hardware, spacers and nuts; Front MIRROR finish aluminum chrome faceplate with white lettering; 2-colour Printed rear chassis; PAB option ready; EL34 option Ready; Chicken head control knobs; Pre-Cut 0.09″ Aircraft Aluminum Chassis with tapped holes for tube mounting screws Assembly guide; large 11″ X 17″ size layout and schematic drawings and REAL Support.

Also included is our custom made Transformer set made by Heyboer to our exact specifications. A massive 15 watt Single Ended output transformer with dual primary windings (5K and 2.5K) to support all Octal power tubes and our robust design power transformer.
Supported AC Primary voltages 110, 120, 220, 230, 240 50/60 Hz

  • Power / Level control – Rotary ON-OFF switch with Power Level control incorporated (VRM). Actions: Off – On (low level is standby. Turning control further effects the power level of the amp
  • Volume control – to adjust amount of volume and overdrive. The Tramp is able to go from Clean to Dirty. The Tramp plays like a vintage Tweed Champ/Princeton when in Tweed mode. When played this way, the Master Volume would be on max, and then the Volume control becomes the amp’s Volume control. Incorporates a push/pull Tweed / ‘tude switch for Clean / Tweed // Dirty / Marshall range
  • Bass – Cut/Boost. Incorporates a push/pull Thin/ Fat switch for enhanced voicing
  • Treble – Cut/Boost
  • Master Volume control – overall volume level control.


    • Channels: 1
    • Controls: Volume/’tude; Bass / Fat; Treble; Master Volume; Power/Power level
    • Power output: 6 Watts with a 6V6 up to 12 Watts with the larger Octal tubes
    • Preamp Tube Included: 1-12AX7
    • Power Tubes Included: 1 – 6V6 Supports (6V6, 6L6, KT66, EL34, 6CA7, KT88 and KT77)
    • Rectifier: solid State Diode
    • Bias: Cathode
    • Choke: no
    • Outputs: 2
    • Speaker Output: 4, 8, 16 ohms switched
    • Voltage Support: 115 V 60Hz – 240 V 50Hz
    • Weight: Head: 10 lbs.
    • Switches: Bias (High / Low); Output Impedance (5K / 2.5K)
    • Transformers custom built by Heyboer with ‘Fat Stack’ Output Transformer
    • Chassis Dimensions: Head: 2.5” H x 14.5” W x 5” D


Video Samples

Tramp Kit Build with EL34s Power level 5.

Set Up: RFT 12ax7, JJ 6CA7
tude mode
Gain 7, bass 6, Treble 6,
volume 9, power 5
SG with David Allen Powerage pickups through Mesa Vintage 30.

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Trinity Tramp Kit
$450 USD
Tramp kit includes tubes and all components except speaker and cabinet.
1x10 or 12 Custom Tramp Combo Cab *No Speaker
$340 USD
Custom Tramp Head Cabinet
$250 USD

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