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Coaxial cables are commonly used in a network system. Classified cable from STP, to jamming type fireproof UTP.
Coaxial cable structure:
Components of a coaxial cable consists of four parts:
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A wire in the middle of the Centre, much is being made of copper thread cord 1 special or many small strands form the single coaxial cable.
A layer of wire wrapped outside the Central path. How to use external type is usually in the form of a metal foil or braided Plait of TET. The outer layer has a protective effect not Center path interference (EMI-Electro Magnetic Interference) should be called the shield.
A layer of insulation between the wires out and in (outer conductor) distance.
The outermost layer of plastic wrap are made by good quality materials, pure, highly resistant to coaxial cable.
Classification of coaxial cable
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Coaxial cable has two types:

+ Range 0.25 inch diameter cables, featuring flexible lightweight, tough, there are inexpensive, easy to install the best signal transmission within 185m shall be considered thin cable.
+ Thick Cables then double large diameter thin cable, 0.5 inch diameter, characteristic of rigid cables, hard to execute, but the signal can transmit far reaches 500 meters. This is the help for the user to choose which cable for his works. Depending on the characteristics of distance transmission data for classification of coaxial cable and select the most suitable cable.

The distinct characteristics of the coaxial cable:
About the installation:
This cables are setup in two common forms are: chain link (daisy-chain) and the star.

The most important characteristics of coaxial cable that is the top of the cable ended with a special connector (terminator). It emits electrical resistance cable fit helps prevent intense signal in reverse when colliding, touching the cable and reduce interference from that end.

Coaxial cable strengths is the ease of installation and durability to endure likely forecast outside temperature and easy connector accessories click Connect and have a little money.

The Strip:
Coaxial cable in the LAN has to strip the bandwidth in the range 2.5 Mbps (ARCnet) and 10 Mbps (Ethernet).

Classification of coaxial cable:
RG-58.50 ohm: network ThinEthernet

RG-59.75 ohm: used for cable tv

RG-ohm: 62.93 for ARCnet network

Coaxial cable has a casing:

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As the cables have metal sheath layer increases resistance to interference, it is often referred to as STP network cable (Twisted Pair Shield). This cable type can be transmitted with the speed of 500 Mbps (in theory) but in fact only about 155 Mbps with a length of 100 m, the most common common speed is about 17 Mbps.

STP cables has a characteristic noise should the installation must have a new setup experience was the best.

Classification of cable-network cables STP proof FTP

No cable sheath:

The type has not a silver-coated copper fiber paper class is the type of UTP (Twisted Pair UnShield). This is the type of fire-resistant cable (for the type of network cable genuine AMP), poor quality with the STP but are easy to execute, save cost, fit wiring for LAN systems between computers simple.

UTP network cables are divided into 5 categories based on the data transmission speed.

+ Type1 and 2: suitable for signal transmission line under 4 Mbps.

+ Type 3: about 16 Mbps fits the mobile phone network.

+ Type 4:20 Mbps speeds.

+ Type 5:100Mbps speed.

The cable UTP Cat5 cable is the fifth type of four young couples (8 fibers) ropes twisted together.

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