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Trinity Amps is proud to offer selected Tone Tubby® speakers directly to our customers. We recommend these speakers for all of our amps and extension cabinets. Trinity Amps is the only Canadian factory authorized dealer for Tone Tubby. In our opinion, these are highest quality, most musical sounding speakers available and are used by Eric Clapton, Carlos Santana and others.

Tone Tubby Musical Instrument Speakers are manufactured by A Brown Soun using their Hempcone®. The Flagship 12" Tone Tubby (Alnico) speaker is now also available in a 10" (Alnico) format. It is the answer to the much needed 10" guitar speaker. The 12" Tone Tubby 40/40 is the answer to the much needed Ceramic style 12" guitar speaker. Superior tone, no cone cry, just great tone. All models use the H1E Hempcone for warm, smooth, clear, bright, and articulate sound.

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Why Buy From Trinity Amps?

Service - We will work with you to ensure you select the best Tone Tubby Musical Instrument loudspeaker for your application. We will also break-in speakers upon request when you buy two or more.

Price -The cost to import goods is expensive. Trinity Amps has negotiated reduced import and shipping fees and as a result, our Canadian Customers can benefit by as much as $50 per 12" speaker on landed costs. Let us take care of the paperwork for you and ‘Save Your Money’!

The Hemp Tone

Alnico - The Original Tone Tubby®, the favorite of Carlos Santana and many others. Rock-solid bottom end, silky rolled-off highs, and midrange that speaks to you. With ample clean headroom and plenty of power, this is a superb all-around speaker.

Ceramic - A variation on the infamous Red, the 40/40 produces a fatter, but still precisely tight bottom end with slightly brighter highs and a bit more headroom. The punch is a little bit faster, characteristic of ceramic magnets.

Pricing for Canadian Trinity Amps Customers

12" Tone Tubby AlNiCo 40W H1E Cone     $300 USD

12" Tone Tubby Ceramic 40W H1E Cone  $160 USD

10" Tone Tubby AlNiCo 40W H1E Cone     $300 USD

10" Tone Tubby Ceramic 40W H1E Cone  $160 USD

Prices Do Not Include Shipping or Applicable Taxes to Canadian Sales .

"Hempcone" and "Tone Tubby"  are ® registered trademarks of A Brown Soun Inc.





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