At Trinity Amps, we Custom Build Point-to-Point, Vacuum Tube Guitar Amps. They are played by over 1000 musicians in 28 countries on every Continent!

We build them one at a time and offer them for sale at reasonable prices.

So What Differentiates Trinity Amps From the Others?

  • We help you choose an amp that is right for you
  • Customize your order from amp tone to cabinet finish
  • Sales Service and Support
  • Provide a Forum based support network
  • Extensive Documentation and Builders guides
  • Responsive to requests
  • Use High Quality parts to last a lifetime
  • Vertical integration - Quality control from start to finish
  • Buy local and build vendor relationships to breed quality and longevity
  • Global customer base - experience with international sales and support
  • Factory direct pricing

Trinity Amps Inc. was formed in 2004 and since then, our hand-built, high quality, Vacuum Tube Guitar Amps have been enjoyed by some very notable and award winning musicians. We received credit on the Tragically Hip's "World Container" and "We Are the Same" CDs and we were honorably mentioned in Billy Gibbons book "Rock & Roll Gearhead" as well as the "Tone Quest" magazine. In 2013, the HiFi channel featured Trinity Amps on an episode of HD Guitar Picks hosted by Kim Mitchell.

Our primary focus is on lower power designs that are inspired by Vintage products such as:





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We know that not every one can afford a custom, hand-built amp, even at our prices, so we also sell:

Guitar Tube Amplifier Kits

Custom Guitar Cabinets

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